Friday, 31 March 2017

Weeks 1-4

                             Who Are You

In these first few weeks our class has been working on a project called 'Who Are You'. We were given a bunch of little writing projects and had to complete at least 4 of them. Here are a few examples.

Dear Nana and Poppa
First Day Back At School

About my teacher:

My teacher is called Moana Moleni (Mrs.Moleni).  She has short caramel hair that is cut into a bob.  Mrs Moleni has 2 children that are 16 and 17.  She has been a teacher at other schools for 15+ years!!! She is really nice and is a great teacher and i’m so happy that she is my teacher! Her favourite colour is blue and she also loves to play basketball. She is part maori and she is also going to be my kapa haka teacher.
My first day:
I loved catching up with my old friends and I loved meeting all of the new students. I am so HAPPY that I am finally a year 7 so that means I get given a lot more opportunities. I’m kind of sad because all of my friends from last year are in room 2 and I’m in room 1 so we are split up into different classes, but we still hang out at morning tea’s and lunchtimes.
Anyway...I gotta go finish my work but I really miss you and I can’t wait to visit you! And I want to wish Nana a happy birthday for February 10th, I hope you have the BEST day ever!!! Lots of love your granddaughter,Lily. Xoxo
By Lily Hema

My Favourite Teacher

Miss Malone is my favourite teacher for many reasons. Here are ten:

  1. She has a really funny-sometimes rude-sense of humor
  2. She gives people her own funny nicknames eg. she calls Amelia- Amelia Sqeualia, Squealia and Squeals
  3. Her handwriting is soooo nice
  4. Whenever she relieve teaches us, we always do stuff that normal teachers don’t and it’s always really fun. I especially like writing with her
  5. She always dyes her hair different pretty colours. At the moment it’s purple
  6. She always gets into the mufti day spirit
  7. She’s really good at doing and teaching art and always finds something fun for us to do for it
  8. She’s very cheeky but I’m not going to give an example or I would probably ruin her reputation
  9. Whenever I need a writing, reading or maths tip, she’ll always give me a really good answer.
  10. She taught me in extension literacy and it was really fun because she’s a good teacher and we always had something to do. Also, she always let me and Amelia do our own writing thing

There are probably more but those are are the top 10 reasons why Miss Malone is my favourite teacher.  
By Mekayla Knight

My Family and Percy
Percy is my dog. He is very special to me because I got him for my 11th birthday in 2015 when he was only 8 weeks old.  Before Percy came to us, his name was Walnut.  He had a brother named Peanut who we almost got but he was a little too bossy and wasn't good for first time pet owners.  He also had a sister named Pandora but she was already taken.  

We ended up with Percy because when mum was picking out a dog and Walnut (Percy) walked right up to mum and sat on her foot.  Percy arrived at our house on the 24th of August, a week after my birthday.  

Percy’s full name is Sir Percival Brian Jones.  He got his name because mum wanted to call him Sir Percival and dad and I wanted to call him Brian so his name was sir Percival Brian.  Then we came up with the name Jones to add on, and his name ended up Sir Percival Brian Jones.  His nickname being Percy and his initials being PBJ.  

Percy has beautiful fur coloured like caramel.  He also has white feet and a white underbelly with black tips on his nose and tail.  Percy’s eyes are as brown as chocolate with eyebrows as expressive as a human face.  

Percy is also turning 2 in June on the 24th.  I chose Percy for this task because he is special to me in many ways.

By Amelia Wilkinson  

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Cricket Wednesdays and Tuakana Teina

What a busy Wednesday we had with cricket in the morning with wonderful cricket skills coaches and then tuakana teina in the afternoon where we were split into house teams and rotated around a variety of activities.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Week 8

Just a few reminders about events coming up :

Graduation Evening - 6th Dec at 7pm.  Invitations went home last week, see you all there.

Rainbows End - 8th Dec. All students that have given regular service to the school ( road patrol, office monitors etc )

Te Rapa Pools trip - 13th Dec.  A days trip to the pools - forms need to be back asap if you haven't already,

Friday, 28 October 2016

RED CROSS First Aid and Safety Course

Today Room 1 was fully involved in a day of learning First Aid and Safety.  Thanks to Red Cross and Caroline we learnt a lot!

Monday, 24 October 2016

Calf Club Day

Last Friday was the annual calf club day for Te Aroha schools.  It was our pleasure to host it this year.  Room 1 had Ollie, Leah, Sharneet, Hunter and Jess all participating with calves.  Special mention to Sharneet who won grand champion with her calf!