Friday, 9 March 2018

On Wednesday 7th, 2018 room 1 did a first aid course for the whole day but we still had morning tea and was boring but still fun.we had to do lots of activities like putting donuts  bandage and normal bandage, we learned to look for danger breathing choking circulation shock nose bleeds DRSABCD broken bones burns and the end of the day did some funny show plays

We normally play a game once every day but we play it differently.
Two people get to go anywhere in the school and set up and explain a game. The game time is between 15-20 min  

Swimming sports

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A couple of weeks ago we had swimming sports. We did it a little bit differently this year, they did most of the heats before the actual day of swimming sports. To me, that was a good thing because it made the day shorter. Overall it was a good day(mostly because I won every race but one).

Red cross came to our class

On Wednesday, Room 1 did first aid. we learnt all the basics on how to stop people from choking to DRSABCD. We did first aid all day so we learnt heaps. we did donut bandages,slings with handkerchiefs and heaps more. I learned heaps from the first aid and it will come handy in the future when an serious emergency happens even if they run into the corner of a shed. By Sarah-Jo

writing wall

In the beginning of term one, room 1 has done writing wall art. We got an A3 piece of paper and decorated a boarder. When we publish a story that were proud of we staple it onto our writing wall.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Fraction art

In the past couple of weeks we have been learning about fractured art. To do fractured art you need to find an outline silhouette of anything you want. Chloe chose chess. Then you draw lines across the page with a ruler. Next you, outline everything with sharpie. After that you choose what colors to do. She chose blue and green, with red orange and yellow. Then you color it in.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Districts athletics 2017

On Wednesday the 15th November 79 of our students represented our school for athletics. It got very competitive especially relays. We only didn't place in one relay race. We are excited to see who is going to Thames Valley for athletics.