Thursday, 23 November 2017

Fraction art

In the past couple of weeks we have been learning about fractured art. To do fractured art you need to find an outline silhouette of anything you want. Chloe chose chess. Then you draw lines across the page with a ruler. Next you, outline everything with sharpie. After that you choose what colors to do. She chose blue and green, with red orange and yellow. Then you color it in.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Districts athletics 2017

On Wednesday the 15th November 79 of our students represented our school for athletics. It got very competitive especially relays. We only didn't place in one relay race. We are excited to see who is going to Thames Valley for athletics.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Jono's winning sketch

In week one Jono learned he isn't just a computer geek, he learned that he could sketch. We were all shocked to find another artist in the class.

mekayla's winning art

In week one we started to learn the different shading techniques. We also started researching ideas of what we could draw. Mekayla chose an eye, but it was very detailed on the inside with trees and birds.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

learning and understanding figurative language

Understanding Figurative language
Last week we were learning and understanding figurative language. Here is my example to show that I know what figurative language is.

Giving a random object a human like trait.
The flower danced in the breeze
Saying an object is something but it isn't.
The hands on the clock are strong arms.
Using words like, or as to compare one thing to another.
The ruler snapped and the end of it was as sharp as a sword.
You describe something but you don’t say what it is
A roll of meat was wrapped up in a blanket of puff pastry. As I chewed a dictionary of flavors exploded beneath my lips.
A strong sentence that exaggerates to make your writing sound stronger.
She screamed on the ferris wheel as if she was getting touchered and about to be sliced open.

When you use words like BANG, CRASH, OUCH to show how it would’ve sounded
The cat ran through the house when she heard her tasty treats,  BANG goes the chair that just flipped by that fat cat.
By using a range of words that start with the same letter but still makes sense.
The mighty mad monkey made a marvelous movie about moons.
You use words into a sentence to confuse someone
It's raining cats and dogs.

imagery moment in time

                                          the claw

My heart attempted to pounce out of my chest.
The orange butterflies panicked as I walked in line. The aftertaste of my own fear was like the end of humanity. My hands shaking while I noticed the  strong summer scent was strawberry ice cream, that kids enjoyed. I took a whiff of everyone's fear that was waiting behind me. Suddenly I spotted faces of horror flying around. Ahhhhhhh.  I listened to  terrifying screams, as fear took over their body’s. The noise was like a zombie apocalypse sprinting towards me. Even though I was petrified I would return triumphantly to endure this again.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Seasons Writing

This week we have been working on personification. here is Madison's spring poem.

The last flake of her winter
Good bye snow, now let my flowers grow.
Birds and bees and leaves on trees.
My birds are back, grass is out.
Buzy bees are in the trees.
Wake up beautiful brown bear, the leaves
Are green, the snow has melted, and now my
Birds can sing returning from the south

It's my turn now, can you allow me to take over.
I will warm you up, so you won't need that cup.
No hot chocolate for you, let me give you a clue.
Im dressed in colors, with a flower on the side.
So cheer up little one, all the mud is dried.